Premium Water. Premium Profit.

Alkaline ionized water vends for $2 – $3 per gallon. RO water vends for $0.25 – $0.50 per gallon.*

Outright Purchase Revenue Share
Install Store Owner UltraWater Bar
Ongoing Filter Expense Store Owner UltraWater Bar
Routine Service Store Owner UltraWater Bar
Warranty One-Year As long as the machine is in your store!
Profit Store owner keeps 100% Store owner keeps 35%**
Upfront Cost Full Retail Price Nothing Out of Pocket / No Ongoing Liability. For anything!
Capital Expense Yes No
Monthly Maintenance No Yes

*Depending on location / market. Calculations based on 30-day month. **Store keeps 35% of monthly revenue share after SEAM fee is deducted.

Real Results

“Our customers love the alkaline water and return regularly to refill containers. In May of 2018, we upgraded to the Ultra Spring from the Mini Spring to capture both revenue streams of RO and alkaline water. Selling enhanced, alkaline Ultra Water has been such a success in our store, that we are purchasing two additional Ultra Spring units for our two new locations. Our customers love the water and keep coming back for more!”
Michael Maddox, CEO
Organic Harvest Grocery & Cafe

“We have people coming in with laundry baskets full of 1 gallon containers to fill with water. We make an additional $1000 – $1500 a month from water sales.”

Ryland Englehart
Manager | Cafe Gratitude


“Our water bar looks great thanks to the signage produced by their marketing team. The customer service provided by their team has been above and beyond what we’re used to. They have provided everything we needed to get started, including installation, marketing materials, and support at every step of the way.”

Steve & Juicy Sanchez
Co-Owners| Mission Yoga